The whole world comes to Hiddnesse

Hiddnesse was a small, narrow Ilend. One day Africa came to Hiddnesse and it was crowded so Hiddnesse nealy sunk but it did not. The next day spain came so abit of hiddnesse sunk. After 2 weeks THE WHOLE WORLD came so Hiddnesse was never lonely. 1 month later an evil queen came and banished everyone back home so hiddnesse was super sad. 1 Year later Hiddnes had a baby called Hiddnesse's happiness and she made everyone happy so she was made The Queen of happyness but sadly she passed away and everyone in the world came and they all dessided who and why should be the new queen of Hiddnesse and after one year she passed away so Hiddnesse never was happy so no-one had proper Joy. To be continued.

In der Kürze liegt die Würze –
Literaturwettbewerb für Kinder 

seit 2011 

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